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The Wayward Granddaughter - The Fiery Furnaces

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The Fiery Furnaces The Wayward Granddaughter Lyrics

He said "Come on now babe,
Let's take a little drive.
Go slumming down the Carson's in my black X-5."Samples from the Clinique counter and up the escalator.
And then a knowing glance from last night's cute, talkative waiter.
Surprise, surprise.Going through 500 king Egyptian size count satin cotton sheets,
A smirk hello from the tanning salon boy.
My man mumbled, he realized:
"They told me that she cheats.""Oh, don't you start! Jealous heart."
Jealous heart. Jealous heart.I put one foot forward and one foot back,
My hand upon my hip.
I gave my hair a flip.
I can't help it.
What's he think I got all this loving for?
Well guess what?
He don't pay my bills no more.Well I guess
All this stuff
That'll befall ya and bedevil ya
And try ya
I'll move back in with Yaiyai.My daughter, we named her Maureen.
Can you believe it?
(I never believed it, or her.)
Because she called you Connie.
The Don Juan he, my husband, loved redheards and thought this name
Would turn his baby into the same,
And each time I see you, Connie,
I say God bless, my dear departed Peter,
That he never had to meet her,
His beautiful granddaughter who dyed -
It would have killed him again -
Her gorgeous red-brown hair black
When she turned 15 behind my back.
You lived with me at that time.
(Yes, I did.)
You were such a cute and smart and obedient and happy and pretty little kid,
My beautiful granddaughter who dyed
Her gorgeous red-brown hair black
When she turned fifteen behind my back.
And which Kevin were you dating -
I mean letting take advantage of you -then,
The black one, or the white one?Once upon a time there were two Kevins.
(You mean two jerks.)Once upon a time there were two Kevins,
And being with one Kevin was being in one heaven.
And not being with the other swell was being in another, well,
Kevin and Kevin were best friends since seven,
La la la-la-la la la.When they met at Joey Meyer's
Red White and Blue Demon basketball seminar tutorial clinic day care camp
For underprivileged kids
And overstimulated brats.
And they're both wearing vintage throw-back 45 dollar 1983 White Sox hats.
And now at H-F,
Point guard and shooting guard.And now at H-F,
Point guard and shooting guard,
And the drill team shouting themselves deaf,
And then back in the back yard,
Yours, Yaiyai,
With the one and then the next night with the other one and one big secret.
I mean two.
But little did I know that they knew,
They knew.And would slap each other on the back
About what it was they'd do.
They knew.
They knew.Well, we can talk about it, Connie.
But often, memories are better off sung.
Remember when you were young?
Remember when I was young?
Remember when you were young?
Remember when I was young?La la la...
La la la...

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The Fiery Furnaces are an inventive and often challenging art pop group from Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Oak Park, Illinois -- a suburb of Chicago -- they consist of the brother and sister team of Matthew Friedberger and Eleanor Friedberger, and are currently joined by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh), Bob D'Amico and Michael Goodman when playing live on tour.

The Fiery Furnaces signed with the Rough Trade Records music label in 2002, and recorded their debut album in the same year.

Gallowsbird's Bark, released in the autumn of 2003, garnered critical praise for its clever wordplay and original songwriting.

Anybody who thought they had the band pinned at that point was quickly proven wrong with the 2004 release Blueberry Boat, a rock-operatic album whose track lengths were often six minutes long or longer.
While some critics adored the album for its vast complexity, others found it all a little too overwhelming.

After releasing EP in 2005 (considered a full-length album because of its 41 minute play time, but is "officially" an EP) the band then released two further albums - Rehearsing My Choir (2005), a radio-dramaesque concept album about the Friedbergers' Greek grandmother; and Bitter Tea (2006), which is a comparably more conventional album built on still-bent song structures, but with more pop-oriented stylings.

In October 2007 the band released their fifth full-length album, Widow City.


- Their name is both a reference to the film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)" and to the book of Daniel in the Bible.
- Matthew Friedberger has also released two solo albums simultaneously.
- Eleanor Friedberger is rumoured to be in a relationship with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, because the song "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" from their second album is about her.
- Due to the garage blues elements of the band’s sound and the fact that the band members are siblings, The Fiery Furnaces was often compared by the press to The White Stripes (The White Stripes sometimes promote themselves as siblings, though they are not).

Official Website: www.thefieryfurnaces.com Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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