(Story courtesy of the Burlington Runners Times newsletter, Mark Collis, Editor)


Haliburton Forest Run, September 1, 2001

By Taylor & Trevor Harthun


Arriving at Haliburton Forest Friday, around 3:30 PM, Dad met up with friend and Race Director Helen Malmberg to find out where to camp for the weekend.


Helen had us set-up camp at the 25-km turn around point, where my Dad's friend Pat, Jim and Adam would help with the 50-km aid station.


Friday night it was difficult for Taylor (age 12) and Trevor (age 10) to fall asleep.  After all, camping in the middle of the woods is too exciting.


We managed to get about four and a half hours of sleep.  Race morning came early, the race started at 6:00 AM!!


We dressed the morning in T-shirt, shorts and long sleeve shirt then headed off to the starting point fifteen minutes away.


The morning air was cool and the sky was dark with a 50/50/50 to do.  A challenging out and back on 50% forest roads, 50% trails to run 50 miles.


The race started at 6:00 AM sharp.  The course started at the base camp, going out on North Road 0.8 miles with a right on the East Road along Macdonald Lake, then Clear Lake to the five mile mark, with a lot of nice rolling hills on forest road to the first aid station.  Hanging a right on to Krista Trail, which is classed as a moderate trail that brought you out at 8.5 miles, then on to a dirt road to the 9.68 mile aid station at Black Lake.


Going right on Lookout Trail, which is moderate trail, to Spruce Trail, classed as easy.  Crossing the road at 13 miles to the King and James Trail to the 25km turn around, which was base camp for us.  We stopped for about five minutes to eat some potatoes and to change clothes, then back at it.


We ran along King and James Trail to North Road, which ran along Upper Wolf Lake to the 17.42-mile mark.  Turning onto the Osprey Trail to 20.94 miles and the aid station with Johnston Lake on the one side and Kelly Lake on the other which met up Stocking Lake Road around 22 miles.  We stayed on it until the 25 mile turn around aid station.


The aid station was manned by Monica Scholz's family.  We stopped to enjoy some excellent lasagna that has small bite size pieces of sausage on top.  We asked Mom to make hers like that next time.  It really was awesome lasagna.  They also had homemade chicken noodle soup.


Now that we have reached the turn around, we walk up the downs and run down the ups, back the way we came.


We saw some Burlington Runners in their colours.  Dad had on his colours, tie-dye, but Trevor was wearing his Burlington colours.


On the way back after the 40 mile mark, Taylor was running a little bit in front of us when he took off running very, very fast.  We caught up with Taylor about five miles down the road and asked him why he took off.  He replied, "Didn't you see the bear beside the road?"


It's surprising how fast you can run when you see a bear.


Trevor crossed the finish line first today, because Taylor crossed first at Sulphur Springs.


Our time was 13:36, beating our 50 mile time at Sulphur Springs by 54 minutes.


Trevor said it was because he was only nine years old at Sulphur Springs and now he is ten years old.


My what a difference two months make!!!